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Khalil Goran Co.

General Trading Company Located In Erbil
Khalil Goran Company for general business – individual, in terms of mechanic section for selling electrical generators in the Kurdistan Region and in Iraq for providing every kind of good generators with a base for having the best kind of system of production in the world for the generators and with having a guarantee of a year or for having 1000 of working hours of guarantee for our generators.
The company of Khalil Goran when it was created until now it was able to provide the best and the most powerful types of electrical generators and with a team that has great knowledge about the services in terms of electricity and the mechanics of the generators, our work gives witness that it delivers a very high quality and the complete trust, and until now we were able to become number one in the Kurdistan region and other areas in terms of sales and services for generators. Also, we are in a continuous progress in our work for providing more services to the Kurdistan region. Our generators are a combination of British Perkins engine, Swedish Volvo, and American Cummins, we always try and develop for the better and pay more attention to the type of the engines. Until now we have been able to help the government of the Kurdistan region and with providing more services to the loved citizens, as for this reason there are many different private sectors and governmental sectors generators has been provided from us with the best and complete type of services in both mechanical and electrical parts. Also, the sales of the generators per year has been between 550 to 600 generators and by providing the best services for the customers we decided to develop more in the work section. We were able to be trusted for providing the best kind of services and quality for the huge companies in the Kurdistan region especially the petroleum companies.