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Goran for Generator

A Power Supplier Company. The Goran Company established in 2003. It is number one company in Iraq in terms of production in Lebanon. The generators are categorized as follows (British Perkins engine, French Liposome power).In the section of the services (for having a special staff, and for always providing the best services for selling the generators, and with the service for providing the original handle). Our generators have a guarantee of one year or 1000 hours of working. The guarantees are for two parts, one part for the electricity and the second part for mechanic.
Our Customers have the complete trust and the confident for:
     - The most affordable prices.
     - Expert backup staff in terms of electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.
     - The generators quality is 100% original.
     - We have a certificate of Mother Company (certificate of the origin).
     - After Sale Costumer Service and Care.
Since the startup of the company, it has sold nearly 4230 generators.
     - With great honor our company was able to provide electricity and generators for the private sectors and the governmental sectors, along with many different other companies and the series of the super markets in the Kurdistan region.
     - For having the complete trust between the Goran Generator company and the Kurdistan Regional Government for having a constant work together and it is for serving the loved citizens.
     - To always paying attention and focus for a constant development and in the world of the generators in order to providing the best services. Established