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  • Iraq, Erbil, 60 M St, opposite Silo

Goran Generator Co.

A Power Company in Erbil
Goran Generator Company provides diesel generators in Kurdistan – Iraq, with every good kind of original generators that is guaranteed for 1000 hours of work.
Goran Generator is a part of Goran Group companies that provides electricity with paying more attention to the private sectors. Having a great professional staff in the sections of accountant, sales, marketing and services, and through providing a different worldwide brands of generators such as British Perkins, Swedish Volvo and American Cummins and each one of those has it is own certificate of working for creating a complete trust between the customer and the company. Until now we were able to become number one in Kurdistan and Iraq in sales and providing services, and this is because of having a complete connection between the company, the government, the organizations, and petroleum companies, and with a great honor we are strongly mastering these fields through working hard for providing a better services for the citizens and the companies.
Our work can be our witnesses, and for that we will be with the government to help the citizens for providing the best kind of services.