Goran Group comprises of several sectors with different approaches and with a united and professional team aiming at increasing the benefits and the expansion of its work based on the decisions of the Chief Executive Officer and the committee of monitoring and planning.

The group consists of nine companies, five factories, three hospitals and a drugstore. Mr. Khalil Goran’s first company was founded under the name of Khalil Goran Company for generators and trading power plants and heavy equipment; it gradually developed until it became Goran Group in 2005.

Goran Group is an active member of the Arabic-British Trade Chamber. It is also the main distributor of global PERKINS & VOLVO PENT products as well as light towers and spare parts.Goran Group is considered as one of the major companies in Iraq for over two decades as it supplies and provides equipment and machines in the fields of electricity, manufacturing and agriculture. Goran Group is an exclusive agent in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region of Ghaddar Co. which is based in Lebanon for selling power generators of all sizes. 2250KVA-10 KVA/ PERKINS type UK-made and France-made generators of Leroy/ Somer type.

Besides all that, Goran Group has an exclusive accreditation from GENPOWER Company, whose headquarters are based in Turkey, for selling power generators in different sizes. 700KVA-110KVA  VOLVO PENTA type Swedish-made / Stamford British made, and also British-made Perkins  and the English-made Stamford generators in all sizes 2250KVA-10KVA.


Our Vision:

We look forward to carrying on creativity in the fields of general trading, oil services, and medical and health services. We apply our broad effort to exercise and develop the work of our companies to surpass our customer's expectations.


Our Goals:

-To build the best working environment in the area through taking care of our employees and clients.

-To become  number one company in satisfying clients.


-To be creative in our working field and to maintain the leadership.


Internal System:

The contract of establishing companies, factories and hospitals is based on a legal framework consistent with the Iraqi law of companies.


Financial System:

 It organizes the legal procedures to allow exercising financial acts and relevant procedures of the company.


Managing and Monitoring Warehouse System: 

Regulates the procedures of supplies entry within constraints that maintain the existing assets of the company's assets under the responsibility of the group within specific procedures and methods of dispensing them. 

Managing Work System: regulates the internal system of employees’ works in terms of Working housr schedules, rights, and duties according to the company rules. 


Work Fields:

Goran Group warehouses, companies and marketing centers are based in several provinces with a manpower of 302 employees. These companies are administrated by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Khalil Goran in the main office of the group which is located in the Italian Village, Villa #88 in Erbil city.


Growth and Aspiration:

Goran Group has taken up with a modest shop and then extended to let in several big enterprises, investment and medical sectors. Presently, the group is aiming at developing the workplace to reach all Iraqi provinces.