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Highly experienced in installing processing power generators of all sizes.

Goran Group is considered as one of the major companies in Iraq for over two decades as it supplies and provides equipment and machines in the fields of electricity, manufacturing and agriculture. Goran Group is an exclusive agent in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region of Ghaddar Co. which is based in Lebanon for selling power generators of all sizes. 2250KVA-10 KVA/ PERKINS type UK-made and France-made generators of Leroy/ Somer type.

Besides all that, Goran Group has an exclusive accreditation from GENPOWER Company, whose headquarters are based in Turkey, for selling power generators in different sizes. 700KVA-110KVA  VOLVO PENTA type Swedish-made / Stamford British made, and also British-made Perkins  and the English-made Stamford generators in all sizes 2250KVA-10KVA.